Ambriel Counseling Associates

The vision for Ambriel was birthed in 2000-2001 from behind the desk of my boss at the time who is a fellow philanthropist and Non-profit Founder.  I was working as a personal assistant to her while going to graduate school in Los Angeles and doing clinical practicums.  During the many hours attending charitable events and Gala's, fundraising and networking & sitting behind the computer screen performing the day to day operations, I had much time to dream and cultivate Ambriel in my mind. Ambriel's name was chosen as a result of attending an art benefit and seeing a large, abstract oil on canvas entitled: Ambriel: the essence of serenity; the embodiment of hope.  I left the event that night thinking, "that is the perfect name for either a daughter or better yet for my dream of a counseling establishment".  My heart resonated strongly with the words: serenity and hope.  Those were two things I absolutely desired to help people find! Ten years later, Ambriel Counseling Associates was conceived to provide individual, couple, group & family counseling services.  The non-profit umbrella of Ambriel, The Fleurish Foundation was birthed in the last few years to respond to the need for low to no fee services for shorter-term, directive, goal-oriented coaching, support groups, workshops and classes.  Whether in a counseling, coaching, teaching or leadership training capacity, my passion is to come along side individuals, couples or groups to empower them towards the life or workplace they have always dreamed of.  This is achieved through practical teaching, experiential exercises, art /expressive therapy,  personality testing/inventories & group process.  

Our Mission
Ambriel Counseling Associates & The Gracie Brave Foundation exists to cultivate freedom, hope and healing through counseling, creative life coaching, workshops, books and classes. Ambriel is a catalyst for finding your personal worth and value....She is a visionary of rebuilding broken or lost things....She is a cultivator of restoration and renewal for the body, mind & spirit.  She is a creator of beauty and forges a space for courage and the embodiment of self-love & care.  She is a pursuer of peace and finding your own personal place of sanctuary and rest.  She is a dreamer and comes along side to inspire your dreams, goals and life calling.  

Core Values
Leadership, Virtue, Modesty, Humble Confidence, Authenticity, Integrity, Inspiration, Community influence, Advocacy and Empowerment.